Deer Tail 2 New Housing Project

Deer Tail Vista, Phase 2, will be built on a 21.66-acre site adjacent to a 10-unit subdivision known as Deer Tail Vista, Phase 1. Originally designed as a 12-unit addition in a 100% complete plan set eight years ago, SIHA believes it has obtained funding that allow it to incorporate a proposed 15-unit Phase 3 sketched in the Phase 2 plan set into an updated 27-lot Deer Tail Vista, Phase 2.

The new subdivision will be fully contoured and graded to control surface runoff and supply housing pads to accommodate up to twenty-seven new homes. On-site and off-site infrastructure needed to service the new homes, including surface drainage, water transmission and sewer conveyance will be provided.

Private service connections with existing electrical, gas, telephone, cable, internet and other services provided in Phase 1 of the project should be extended into Phase 2 of the project. The existing Deer Tail Road will be extended into the western portion of the master-planned housing site and provide approximate 2200 feet of road access to the 27 new homesites. The road design currently entails two 10-foot lanes with a centerline, curbs, and no shoulders.

SIHA has selected WH Pacific to provide the planning, design, environmental, surveying, and construction management services needed to get the Deer Tail Vista Phase 2 Housing Subdivision Infrastructure Project shovel-ready and under construction. Construction is forecast to begin in July of 2023.

Early in 2023, SIHA will begin taking applications for Deer Tail Vista Phase 2. SIHA staff will turn their attention to community discussions about housing at the site, development of waiting lists, counseling programs, home designs, and finance programs to best meet the needs of Members who are ready and willing to become homeowners at the Pueblo.

In the meantime, the following information is provided for prospective homebuyers to begin making plans to apply for and purchase a new home. Please visit our Resources page for more helpful information about getting ready for homeownership.

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