Housing Developments

The San Ildefonso Housing Authority provides property management services for the lease-purchase housing units in the Pueblo’s Battleship View, Deer Tail Vista, and Black Mesa neighborhoods. These services include maintaining full occupancy, waiting list and eligibility certification activities; maintaining lease-purchase agreement files; enforcing lease terms including rental collections; maintaining property insurance; and conveying paid off properties, among other activities related to providing and maintaining affordable housing for Pueblo Members.

Home Conveyances Status Report

SIHA inherited a backlog of property title conveyances due to Members who paid off their homes. SIHA wants to complete these title conveyances as much as homeowners want them done. We’re working diligently to obtain BIA approvals needed to convey these paid properties over to the rightful homeowners. If you’re one of the Members who’s waiting for your us to provide you with title to your paid off property, thank you for your patience while we work to get the approvals needed to convey your property through BIA.
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